Don’t Let Salt Ruin Your Vehicle

We offer undercoating and rust repair in Burlington, VT

Throughout the winter, drivers are happy that the state uses trucks to spread salt on the roads to prevent freezing and ice buildup. Unfortunately, the corrosive mixture of chemicals gets on your car and can cause damage to the metal. Burlington Collision Center offers undercoating to protect the bare metal on your car. A one-time application comes with a 10-year warranty. Learn more about our wax-based product at Burlington Collision Center by visiting us today.

Get your car the protection it needs

We use undercoating and rust-proofing products that are manufactured and engineered to provide protection to all types of motor vehicles. The products we use for undercoating and rust protection are eco-friendly, solvent-free and water-based. We typically apply them to your vehicle’s:

  • Chassis
  • Wheel wells
  • Undercarriage

Give your car exceptional protection by visiting Burlington Collision Center in the Burlington, VT area.